An anti-slip floor is a floor that has been treated with a special substance that inhibits movement on it. What this means is that you will not be able to slip on the floor no matter what you do. So why is this valuable? If you work in the emergency services or you own a care facility, you will understand how important it is to provide a safe environment for your patients. Anti slip coating can contribute to this.  People often underestimate what a hazard slippery floors can be. Imagine that you are a doctor, running along the halls of a hospital, carrying valuable medicine for your patients. It’s all good until you fall flat on your face ruining the medicine and injuring yourself. Now your patient will need to be cared for by someone else, and you have lost valuable resources. Plus, you will also most likely need to spend time in recovery, because all injuries that are sustained by slipping on a floor are usually extreme and grievous.

As you can see, having an anti-slip floor is very crucial, especially in emergency services. It is however not just for that, it is also for the home. Lots of these types of accidents occur in the home each year, and you need to be prepared. You should make sure that your home has an anti-slip floor so that you never have to deal with any injuries resulting from this.

So how does an anti slip floor get installed?

The anti slip solution comes in liquid form and can be brushed on to the floor. The application process is simple, first you have to make sure that every part of the floor has been cleaned with the floor cleanser and degreaser. Once the floor is completely dry and has been cleaned of any solid particles, you can brush on the coating. It requires one layer only, and once it is brushed over, it must be left to dry for three to five minutes. Once it is dry, it must be neutralised. You do this by wiping it down with liberal amounts of water. After that, the floor will be protected and will be able to keep on making sure that you and your loved ones in the home, or your patients are well taken care of. This is truly a ground breaking solution in terms of safety and security.

The coating is also nonabrasive, meaning that it will not eat away at the floor that it gets put on top of. You need not worry when installing it, which is the best part. If anything, it will make the floor underneath shine a lot more, which is what we all want, isn’t it?

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