Due to the fact that we operate in an industry that is fairly new to the South African market it is completely normal to have Anti-Slip Flooring Questions. We often get questions about anti slip flooring and non slip coatings from consumers. Instead of waiting for an email response we have chosen to list the most common Anti Slip Flooring Frequently Asked Questions that we receive right here for you to browse through. If there are any questions that we have not answered, please feel free to contact us on 011 792 0302 or info@slipnomore.com.

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  • How long will the treatments last?

    All our anti-slip flooring treatments for tiles can last up to 3 years in the commercial market and up to 5 years in the domestic market. The reason for the difference is due to the foot traffic that the floor experiences, the more foot traffic the quicker the tile wears away. For any other Anti-Slip Flooring Questions, please contact us directly

  • Does the treatment stop working after the 3 and 5 years?

    The anti slip flooring treatments will not stop working completely but you will feel a gradual decrease in the slip resistance of the floor. This is simply due to tile wear. If you feel the floor getting more slippery than what you are used to, Please contact us so that we can make an assessment. We have a Slip Meter that is able to measure the static coefficient of friction of the floor and compare it to the reading when the treatments were first applied.

  • What do the treatments cost?

    The range of anti-slip flooring treatments for tiles costs the same throughout South Africa. In certain cases, a discount would be applicable but would be based on the size of the area as well as what kind of area it is. More often than not, patio areas around a pool is easier for us to treat that an office canteen on the 12th floor of a building. For other Anti-Slip Flooring Questions, please contact us 

  • What guarantee is there on treatments applied by Slip No More agents?

    On any treatments that we install, we will extend up to a 3 year guarantee in a commercial environment and up to 5 years in a residential environment. These guarantees are kept valid according to our guarantee certificate.

  • What payment terms are offered by Slip No More?

    For all treatments that our distributors install require between 50-75% deposit in order to make a booking, the balance is due on the day of completion. All Anti-Slip Products and Non-Slip Coatings purchased directly from us, need to be paid in full before they are dispatched.

  • Will the anti slip flooring treatments affect the appearance of my tiles?

    No, there is no noticeable change to the appearance of your tiles. In most cases, you will actually see the colour of your tile being brought out because we deep clean the tile before treatment.

  • When should the DIY product be used?

    The DIY is suggested for when you have smaller areas. It is not possible for our agents to apply less than 30sqm unless a minimum charge is charged.

  • How much does the DIY cost?

    The DIY kit consists of 3 x 1 litre bottles and the degreaser that is required to prepare the floor, the anti-slip flooring product as well as a Neutraliser. For more information on Non-Slip questions please see our products page.

  • Is there a guarantee on the DIY product?

    The DIY kit has a guarantee against defective packaging and is not guaranteed against the installation because we have no control over the installation. If you are in anyway unsure on how to apply the products, please contact us on 010 595 9663 or simply watch the instructional video on our YouTube channel to answer any Non-Slip questions