cleaning in progress Finding solutions that can work in both your home and offices can often be difficult. As a business and home owner you will want to know that the solutions you choose are flexible. Being money savvy is extremely important and if you can get 2 for the price of 1 then why wouldn’t you? One area that you may have neglected is your flooring. Discover anti-slip technology for both your home and office now!

Your floors in both your homes and offices may look absolutely stunning. They also probably cost you an arm and a leg. What you may not realise is that they really can cost you an arm and a leg, if you do not use anti-slip technology. The truth of the matter is that some of the most reported accidents in hospitals are due to slip and fall injuries. These injuries occur both in the home and at the office. Dealing with a loved one’s injury is very different to an employee’s injury. You are in business to make money not lose it, if an employee gets hurt on your property they have every right to sue. Which is why you cannot afford to be negligent. This can also be said for when you are at home, although it is unlikely that your family will sue you, you may end up spending a lot on medical bills for the injury in any case. These injuries can be as small as a grazed knee and as serious as a concussion and broken bones, whether it be an employee or family member, it is your job to prevent this from happening.

How can you get anti-slip technology that works for both your home and office? It is simple really. There is a solution that can be applied to a number of different services. If you have wooden floors in your home and Tuscan tiled hallways in your offices, you can use the exact same solution. The solution creates a coating on top of the existing surface. This coating will then prevent anyone from slipping, even if the floor is wet or covered in grease. This is possible because the coating, is actually made up of microscopic pores. These pores then create suction between the surface and shoe, making it impossible for anyone to slip or fall. Now you can make sure that everyone in your life is safe regardless of whether you are at home or at the office.

Protecting the outdoor areas

There are many outdoor areas that often get overlooked. At your business especially you will need to have wheelchair access. Just like the flooring, if this is not protected with anti-slip technology you could experience serious problems. On the wheelchair ramp you can use anti-slip tape or an anti-slip grip kit. They will make sure that every inch of that ramp is slip free and safe for use by the differently abled.

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