A business should always be viewed as a living organism. It needs to be fed well to function to its full potential and preventative measures need to take to prevent illness. Anti slip flooring should be considered one of the preventative measures capable of keeping your business in good health. Our anti slip flooring is far more effective than your conventional flu shot. So now that we’ve aroused your interest lets explain why we’re making the above claims with such confidence. No one likes like law suits and unfortunately in the modern world, companies and business are extremely susceptible to such actions. In today’s world one need be cautious about serving hot coffee without sufficient warning. One can’t simply mop a floor without conspicuous signage to highlight what may seem obvious to some. Anti slip flooring provides an iron clad way to combat slips and falls on just about any surface you can think of. It’s simply not worth sitting around hoping that “it just won’t happen to me’ when our anti slip flooring and anti slip floors are so affordable. Those that believe our claims are slightly exaggerated or unfounded should be alerted to this excerpt:

In January, Rudy Kosanovich, 79, of Center Township was awarded the multimillion-dollar judgment. Kosanovich slipped and fell in the parking lot of ESB Bank in Center Township. He suffered permanent, debilitating injuries in the fall, including chronic pain and the inability to walk without assistance”- http://www.nfsi.org

Don’t wait until it’s you! Make use of our anti slip flooring.

Yes it can indeed happen to you and it’s not just about the potential legal ramifications. One also needs to spare a thought for the men, women, children and even elder’s slippery surfaces may harm. Anti slip coating is highly adaptable and may of our customers often make the assumption that our products resemble the traditional hideous anti slip tape of yesterday. In truth our state of the art products will do little to hamper the aesthetic appeal of your offices or home. We even have transparent products whereby most people wouldn’t even notice they are there. One of the benefits of working with Slip No More is that you are always assured the best customer service available. We have a team of individuals excited by the prospect of doing their part in adding to your safety. With our solutions our customers are given the opportunity to continue feeding their company what it needs to preserve its much needed productivity for prolonged prosperity.

Endless possibilities…

Although we have staff members capable of flawless workmanship we also have a range of DIY options for the assertive individual/company. Our DIY are extremely easy to implement and come complete with all the instructions you need to do perform a picture perfect job all on your own!

For more information on any of our products please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready and willing to cater to your needs. We pride ourselves in providing products that save lives and peoples well-being, it’s a feeling everyone deserves to have!