ATC South Africa in partnership with Slip No More  work together using non slip safety products to improve safety in the workplace.

This was all done by applying non slip coatings and grip kits to reception areas, slippery stairs and landings at their function venue in Sandton. You can be sure that ATC South Africa is Slip-No-More-covered! #SlipNoMore

ATC South Africa, also known as The American Tower Company South Africa is the largest independent wireless infrastructure company in the country. It is important to note that ATC South Africa is a ‘Safety First Company’ and anti slip treatments and slip prevention coatings are an excellent addition to any company’s safety portfolio.

Slip No More was asked to assess the flooring at ATC’s function venue premises in Sandton and offer a non slip flooring solution that would reduce the risk of accidental slips, falls and injury. Being industry leaders in the field of non slip floor coatings, floor safety and slip prevention we were more than happy to assist ATCSA – Since not slipping is what Slip No More is all about.

Here Were Our Non Slip Flooring Safety Recommendations

  • Here at Slip No More we really understood ATC ‘s main concern for  floor safety at their function venue. With an accurate analysis we were able to quickly identify problem areas and offer suitable solutions.

Because the function venue consisted mainly of wide open tiled areas and stairs – it was in need of some serious slip-proofing.

Non Slip Johannesburg
Non Slip Johannesburg

As a solution we used our Slip No More Anti-slip Coatings (either for ceramics or porcelain tiles). The unique formula we use is designed to improve the tread and traction of the surface area of the floor. Even after continuous cleaning ATC RSA can be sure that the non slip coating will still provide maximum protection from accidental slips or falls.

These coatings are always a necessary precaution to take because we all know how easily accidents can happen – and how much better it is to be safer, rather than sorry.

Non Slip Johannesburg
Non Slip Johannesburg
  • ATCSA’s second problem was the common case of ‘slippery stairs’. The hands-down best solution for stairs is always our Slip No More Nonslip Grip Kit – which is specially designed to prevent accidents as a result of slippery surfaces (wet or dry).

This is the ideal anti slip solution for stairs, ramps or sloped walkways. Grip kits greatly increase the traction of most surface areas.

Our non slip coatings and grip kits will literally make the flooring area more durable as well as increase the co-efficient of friction.

This added ‘grip’ improves overall floor safety and is always our first recommendation not just because it reduces the risk of slipping, but because it is also very affordable and easy to apply.

You can also read up on our DIY Kits for easy home applications.

Non Slip Johannesburg
Non Slip Johannesburg

If there is anything you need to know regarding non slip floor products and floor safety then we have a whole list of articles dedicated to the subject.

Non slip and anti slip floor coatings are affordable and world leading flooring solutions for slip prevention and general floor safety – Slip No More strives to deliver only the best non slip and slip prevention products, applications and solutions – either at home, in the workplace, or for industrial and commercial use.

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