Slippery floors are a real risk. No matter what business you’re in. Non slip coatings can help prevent slip & fall accidents before they happen.

We were contacted by Jones & Wagener regarding slippery stairs at their offices in Sandton Johannesburg. They needed non slip coatings that would ensure the safety of their staff & visitors. We’re happy to say that they’re now Slip No More covered! #SlipNoMore

One of our Floor Safety Experts got in touch with management over at J&W. After a few suggestions & an obligation-free quote we were able to offer the best possible non slip solution.

Here Was Our Non Slip Coatings Recommendation:

  • We always recommend our speciality Grip Kits for stairs, ramps & inclines. This is because Grip Kits offer maximum protection in most conditions. We use an industrial-strength adhesive to coat the edge of each stair with a unique granular strip. The end result is superior grip & slip protection.
Non Slip Coatings J&W Slip No More
Non Slip Coatings

We also have a D.I.Y anti slip treatment available for smaller areas.

If there is anything you need to know regarding non slip coatings & floor safety then we have a whole list of articles dedicated to the subject.

Non slip & anti slip floor coatings are affordable & world leading flooring solutions for slip prevention & general floor safety–Slip No More strives to deliver only the best anti slip floors & slip prevention products, applications & solutions – either at home, in the workplace, or for industrial and commercial use.

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