Recently, a manager from Altlantic Boat Club contacted us about slippery outdoor tiles at a boat club. Their objective was to make the entrance area safer for employees and club members to walk on when the tiles are wet.

Thanks to a quick Google search, the customer found us, and we were able to step in and help straight away. The customer has 50 square feet of slippery tiles outside at the Boat Club and would like to have a distributor apply our anti-slip treatment for tiles on the slippery area.

We contacted the customer, and after a short conversation about the slippery floor that they were experiencing, we recommended our Anti-Slip Treatment DIY kit. This product would work perfectly on their slippery tiles and is packaged small enough for the customer to install themselves. The product was shipped within 1 day of this inquiry, and the client was very happy with the result. Have a look at what other happy customers had to say about our service on Trustpilot

When it comes to floor safety products, we have a wide range of products suited to all areas. From Anti-Slip Tape to Non-Slip Coatings, have a look at some other areas that we have changed from slippery to non-slippery.