Do you wish to turn any tiles into non slip floor tiles without shelling out most of your hard earned money or eating too far into your turnover? Welcome to Slip No More, where affordability in the face of the occupational and domestic hazard of slipping is what we are good at!

You may not wish to enlist the help of our professional service for non slip coatings to turn your tiles into non slip floor tiles because it is an additional and unforeseen cost. However, the truth is that you stand to lose far more should an employee slip, trip or fall in the course of their duties. Fortunately, we strive to get the cost-quality ratio of our solutions for non slip floor tiles just right, so that you can prevent occupational safety lawsuits, damaged products and reduced staff working hours or productivity while still being a cost leader in your industry.

Did you know?

  • In total, the average fall of an employee costs employers 22 000 dollars in direct and indirect costs.
  • Occupational injuries represent the primary cause of lost days from work and are the leading cause of compensation claims.
  • Although it is not a primary cause, slipping or falling can cause fatal occupational injuries.

Therefore, the safety of your workers and the balance of your books are at stake. In addition, Slip No More offers solutions to the domestic market as well as to:

  1. Office facilities and various other business undertakings.
  2. Nursing homes, where the elderly may be particularly vulnerable.
  3. Showrooms and factory facilities.
  4. Manufacturing sites.
  5. Shopping malls.
  6. Play areas, where children frequently slip.
  7. Hospitals.

We have assisted clients such as Virgin Active, Eskom, McDonalds, Netcare, BMWand many more. Domestically speaking, we know that you have the wellbeing and injury-prevention of your loved ones in mind, which is why we will cater splendidly to even the smallest requirements (such as baths and showers or golf clubs) as well.

Non Slip Floor Tiles products and More

So, what exactly does Slip No More offer you in terms of anti slip flooring applied products, anti slip flooring liquid coatings and more? Our range of products broadly includes the following:

  • Grit and vinyl safety tape.
  • Cleaning products so that slips from spills and grease are eliminated while providing extra grip.
  • Anti-slip for ceramics.
  • Anti-slip for porcelain.
  • A DIY spray kit.
  • Grip kits (alternatives to safety tape) for stairs and other edge surfaces.

The 5 litre bottles of non slip coatings cover an area of 50 metres squared and last up to 5 years in domestic traffic and 3 in commercial applications. Our products are exceptionally hard wearing and can be applied as required on virtually any built surfaces—do not limit the possibilities in your mind to flooring! This means that Slip No More is the true efficiency expert when it comes to preventing the unexpected reminder of just how painful it is to slip and fall.

Call us today! We promise not to slip up.