If you want to protect yourself, your employees and your customers from slip and fall accidents, you need to ensure that your flooring surfaces are non slip. Floor tiles can be incredibly hazardous, especially when wet – and they are actually one of the main causes for accidents in the workplace. Luckily, here at Slip No More, we make it easy for you to make your floor tiles non slip. Floor tiles can be treated using our non slip coatings which increase the tread between the foot and the surface. Not to worry though, these coatings do not alter the actual look of the tiles!

Take a look at what one of our past clients had to say about their new non slip floor tiles:

“After a few of our clients complained about the slipperyness of the tiles in our public toilets we decided to try and find a product that we could use instead of replacing the tiles. Our maintenance manager found Slip No More and contacted them for an estimate. From the first contact with them, we received nothing but exemplary service. We would like to recommend Slip No More to anyone who has had doubts about slippery floors, they sure know their industry and have a wide range of products.” — 3 STAR HOTEL – JEFFREYS BAY – September 2011 

You can create non slip floor tiles anywhere and everywhere by making use of our treatments and products. Whether you are applying the solution to the tiles of your shopping mall, to the tiles in your bathroom or shower, or even to the tiles in your office building, we have the products that will get the job done for you! If you are interested in non slip floor tiles, we can offer you two options:

  • ·         DIY products ideal for the home and the workplace (our DIY products are great for porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles and even for stairs)
  • ·         Non slip treatments for floor tiles (our trained professional can come and do the job FOR you. This option also provides you with a guarantee)

Anti Slip Flooring Treatments for Non Slip Floor Tiles 

When you count on us here at Slip No More for anti slip flooring treatments, you will be able to enjoy the following guarantees:

  • Your anti slip flooring treatments will last for up to 5 years in any home or private environment.
  • Your anti slip flooring treatments will last for up to 3 years in any commercial environment or workplace setting.

Contact us today for more information about non slip coatings in South Africa!

Did you know? Starting in 2005, Dean chose to build an anti slip products brand of his own rather than to operate under the name of a supplier that he had the national distribution rights for. The thought process was simple and the plan from day 1 was to always manufacture quality anti slip treatments and Slip Prevention products at an affordable price and supplied with the best service. It was for this reason that Slip No More is an established brand and a formidable player within the slip prevention industry.