Porcelain or ceramic tiles are some of the most slippery surfaces that one can encounter. Slips and falls are incredibly dangerous (especially as we age) and can result in terrible injuries that could stay with us for the rest of our lives. Thankfully, Slip No More has come up with a solution! We manufacture products that will help you to avoid slipping on porcelain or ceramic tiles in the home or at the office.

Our clients include popular companies and franchises such as McDonald’s, Virgin Active and Netcare – so you can rest assured that our products for porcelain or ceramic tiles really do work! The Anti-Slip and Non-Slip treatments for porcelain or ceramic tiles manufactured by Slip No More have excellent characteristics that suit any work, home or industrial environment:

  • One application on porcelain tiles lasts for several years. We guarantee our products for up to 5 years in a domestic environment and up to 3 years in a commercial environment. This means that you can avoid slips and falls on porcelain or ceramic tiles without having to spend a fortune.
  • Our Anti-Slip treatments do not alter the appearance of the porcelain tiles or cause any damage to them. In fact, in most cases, when applied, our products will bring out the original colour of the porcelain or ceramic tiles, making them look better than ever before.
  • We have a handy Do-It-Yourself option for smaller areas that do require intensive labour, in fact, we even have an instructional video on how to apply the product that makes your floor non-slip. This means that it is quick and easy to keep your home or business 100% safe.
  • There is minimal disruption when we apply our Anti-Slip treatments to slippery floors, on average we can apply 50sqm per hour from start to finish. This means that when we come to your business to treat your porcelain or ceramic tiles, we will be in and out in a flash, allowing you to get on with your work uninterrupted. The added advantage is that the slippery floors that we turn into non-slippery floors are able to be put back into use as soon as we have finished. No waiting around, no fuss, no hassles. Easy as pie!

Adhesive Tape for Slippery Surfaces

One of our most popular products for transforming slippery surfaces is our strong adhesive tape. The adhesive tape is ideally suited to porcelain tiles in and around the home or business.

Slip No More’s self-adhesive tape can be used on various different applications including slippery stairs, slippery ramps, boats, playgrounds, gyms and many more. The adhesive tape has been manufactured with the sole purpose of transforming usually slippery surfaces, such as porcelain or ceramic tiles, into safer floors for all who use them. The Slip No More non-slip adhesive tape is self-adhesive and extremely easy to apply. It also provides superb anti-slip capabilities in both wet and dry conditions in order to give a non-slip finish to practically any surface that you can think of. For special colour requirements please contact us.

If you want to enjoy your porcelain or ceramic tiles without having to stress about slipping or falling, contact Slip No More today to order your very own self-adhesive tape. The adhesive tape is available in standard sizes or 25mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm. For custom made sizes or colours, please Contact Us with your specifications.