Do you love your beautiful, shiny porcelain tiles, but worry about you or a family member slipping and falling? Well, worry no more! We, at Slip No More, have the ideal solution for you.

The no slip treatments that Slip No More uses do not alter the appearance of tiles, including porcelain and ceramic tiles, and can actually bring out the original colour of the tiles. The special treatment simply means tiles won’t be as deadly slippery – which is a concern for safety with children. For smaller areas, we have a handy DIY option for you to use. Our products adhere to all safety procedures and standards. The innovative treatment reduces the slipperiness of surfaces in both wet and dry conditions. Slip No More manufactures anti-slip and no slip treatments which are guaranteed and can be used on all types of tiles, including porcelain tiles.

Wet tile floors especially, such as tiles for bathrooms, are the biggest risk. Tiled open verandas, which get rained upon, are also a problem. However, these wet tiled areas need no longer be a concern – thanks to Slip No MoreSlip No More Anti-Slip flooring products are of world class quality and are able to prevent slipping and falling accidents. Our products last and last for long periods of time and are available at an affordable price. Plus, our no slip solution is able to treat any type of slippery tile, including Ceramics, Porcelain, Terracotta, Terrazzo and Sandstone.

But how exactly do our wonderful products work?

An Adhesive Tape, Sans Tape

Quite simply, our anti-slip treatment utilizes an adhesive tape, sans tape. This finish/layer is added to the tile – making it no slip, but not changing its appearance at all. For more about this groundbreaking product, please check out our FAQs. One application lasts for several years. We guarantee our products for slippery floors for up to 5 years in a domestic environment and up to 3 years in a commercial environment – which at less than R50 per Square Metre is amazing value for money!

Whether it’s safety at the workplace or safety at home, to prevent injuries and accidents our solution for porcelain tiles and adhesive tape is the answer.

For more on our innovative no slip products for porcelain or ceramic tilesespecially, or to find an agent, please do contact us today!

What Our Customers Say

When I installed our new tiles in the living room and patio we realised that when they got wet they became very slippery, we didn’t want the kids to get injured so we searched for a solution on the internet. We came across a few companies but the one that really stood out was Slip No More. They responded to our enquiry in a flash and had a team on site within 2 days to do the job. I would suggest Slip No More to anyone who has the same problem.

PRIVATE RESIDENCE – September 2011

If you want to enjoy your porcelain or ceramic tiles without having to stress about slipping or falling, contact Slip No More today to order your very own selfadhesive tape. The adhesive tape is available in standard sizes or 25mm, 50mm, 75mm & 100mm. For custom made sizes or colours, please Contact Us with your specifications.