In order to enhance your safety at home, as well as your safety at the workplace, you need to ensure that your risk of falling is eliminated. Did you know that falls account for most of the injuries and accidents that occur at home? It’s true. Because of this, the team at Slip No More has developed a range of products that will make it easy for you to avoid nasty falls. How? With amazing non-slip products for porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Safety at home need not be a concern for you any longer. With non-slip adhesive tape and non-slip liquids for porcelain tiles (for bathrooms, kitchens, etc.), you will be able to keep your family safe from injuries and accidents. Safety at home is now easier than ever before thanks to the wonderful Slip No More!

The Anti-Slip and Non-Slip products for slippery floors manufactured by Slip No More, are reliable and completely cost-effective. Also, the treatments will last and last for many years to come. Anti-Slip floor products for safety at home and safety at the workplace have excellent characteristics that suit any work, home or industrial environment- as well as any budget. It is often never thought about, but slippery floors are part of a global problem that accounts for the second-highest accidental death rate in the world, second to motor vehicle accidents. Pretty unbelievable, isn’t it? With this backdrop, Slip No More Anti-Slip flooring products has realised the definite need for quality Anti-Slip flooring products for porcelain and ceramic tiles. Now you can get your hands on these wonderful products in South Africa and ensure your family’s safety at home all year round!

Non-Slip Adhesive Tape

One of our most popular products here at Slip No More is the non-slip adhesive tape that is ideal for slip-proofing stairs, bathrooms and even kids’ play areas. Slip No More self adhesive Tape can be used on various different applications in order to ensure the ultimate in safety at home, as well as safety at the workplace. This product is totally self-adhesive and easy to apply. It also provides superb anti-slip capabilities in both wet and dry conditions in order to give a non-slip finish. For special adhesive tape colour requirements, please contact us.

Our anti-slip products for porcelain or ceramic tiles are fantastic for increasing safety with children. We all know how chaotic children can be- and how easily they can hurt themselves on slippery surfaces. With adhesive tape for porcelain tiles, you can limit the number of bumps and bruises that your little ones will have to endure!

For more tips on safety at home or to learn more about our adhesive tape, please feel free to give us a call.

Slip No More, founded in 2005 and subsequently registered in 2006, specialises in anti-slip treatments for all floor surfaces. They provide the industrial, commercial and residential markets with a comprehensive range of anti-slip treatments for tiles, grit and vinyl safety tapes in a range of colours, cleaners and degreaserssingle and double stair nosings as well as a complete range of anti-slip coatings.