Welcome to Slip No More – the solution for beautiful, non slippery, porcelain or ceramic tilesSlip No Mores anti slip treatment (for porcelain tiles for example) creates an invisible tread on floors that significantly increases the co-efficient of friction – this means there is less slip. This remarkable finish provides the treated surfaces with a safe and efficient grip. Whether it besafety at the workplace or safety with children, this solution is the ultimate for slippery porcelain or ceramic tiles. It significantly reduces the problem of dangerous surfaces in wet conditions, whilst still leaving you with stylish, unmarked floors. The innovative adhesive tape is only such in name, as you don’t actually see adhesive tape on your tiles at all.

At a low price of on R45m² (excl VAT) for our applied product, it will be difficult to beat the cost effectiveness of having an Anti-Slip treatment like ours applied!Safety at the home has never been this affordable.

Safety with children and the elderly is a must, it is actually of paramount importance, and now you can ensure this essential safety at home without having to break the bank. Included in the product and service price is the cleaning and degreasing of your porcelain or ceramic tiles, the anti-slip treatment, as well as the neutralisation process. Our teams are able to apply approximately 50m² per hour, which ensures that there is minimal disruption to your home or business.

The No Slip Solution for your Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles

The no slip solution is ideal. The Anti-Slip and Non-Slip products for slippery floors manufactured by Slip No More have excellent characteristics that suit any work, home or industrial environment. It is the ultimate in safety procedures for any working environment. It is often never thought about, but slippery floors are part of a global problem that accounts for the second highest accidental death rate in the world, second to motor vehicle accidents. Avoid injuries and accidents with our no slip solution.

Wet tile floors, such as tiles for bathrooms, are the biggest risk. Tiled open verandas, which get rained upon, are also a problem. However, these wet tiled areas need no longer be a concern – thanks to Slip No MoreSlip No More Anti-Slip flooring products are of world class quality and are able to prevent slipping and falling accidents for long periods of time at an affordable price. Plus, our no slip solution is able to treat any type of slippery tile, including Terracotta, Terrazzo and Sandstone, Porcelain or Ceramic tiles.

One application lasts for several years! We guarantee our products for slippery floors for up to 5 years in a domestic environment and up to 3 years in a commercial environment – now that’s value for money!

For more on our innovative no slip products for porcelain or ceramic tiles especially, or to find an agent, please do contact us today!

The aim of Slip No More Slip Prevention Products is to dramatically decrease the chance of slipping on a floor in the wet or the dry. Different products are suited to different areas as well as different conditions.