Anti-slip products are essential as a precautionary safety measure in many business settings and factories or warehouses today. Whether you need non-slip flooring installed on concrete, mosaic tile, granite, or terrazzo flooring, your installation of this safety feature for your floors will prove to be very beneficial.

As a bonus, Anti-Slip products protect your floor from wear and tear, especially in a high traffic area where slip and fall accidents happen often. Whether you have slippery outdoor floor tiles at your home, work or your local sports stadium, the chances of a slip and fall accident happening is extremely high. It only takes a small amount of water to cause a life-threatening injury.

We have developed some of the strongest products on the market which protect you and your family from slip and fall accidents. In the household, slippery floor tiles are often the culprit, caused by bringing water in from the pool, condensation, or simply spelling a cold drink. We have a full range of products that fall into 4 categories, namely:

  • Anti-Slip Treatments for tiles
  • Non-Slip Coatings
  • Hardware
  • Cleaning & Maintenance products

There are many valuable advantages and benefits offered by slip-resistant flooring system installations for the floors of your commercial buildings, including the following:

  • Slip-Resistant Flooring Meets Safety Standards
  • This flooring is also durable and able to withstand wear-and-tear
  • Anti-Slip Flooring Systems Alleviate Bacteria Build-Up

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