According to the National Floor Safety Institute, Anti Slip Products are one of the only solutions to slippery tiles that are a leading cause of slip and fall accidents in the residential and commercial markets. When assessing a floor with the purpose of understanding what makes it slippery, there is a number of factors to take into account.


When tiled floors are put into a high traffic area, they are almost always susceptible to slip and fall accidents. The reason for this is that the higher the traffic, the less controlled the environment is. In most cases, water, drinks, or food are spilled onto the floor and due to the traffic, the cause of the slipperiness gets distributed across a larger area than where the spill initially happened.


When tiles are specified for a particular environment, they are almost always specified under the wrong parameters. In our opinion, a floor should be chosen based on safety factors before anything else. Unfortunately, property developers, building managers, and even architects choose the tiles based on aesthetics for safety, on just about every single occasion. For that reason, after installing tiles, Anti Slip Products have to be applied.

Exposure to the elements

Tiles are often used indoors, outdoors, or a mixture of both. Factors like leaking gutters, irrigation overspray, and exposure to rain are huge contributing factors to making tiles slippery. These days, just about every floor can have an anti-slip treatment applied if you speak to the right company. Often, tiles shops and maintenance aren’t really as familiar as they should be with the latest trends when it comes to slip prevention

Aside from Non-Slip Coatings that can be applied to any surface, Anti Slip Products can be effectively used on slippery flooring such as:

  • Ceramic, Porcelain, Mosaic, or Quarry tiles
  • Terrazzo
  • Natural Stone – such as Marble, Granite, Limestone, and Travertine
  • Concrete provided that it is not sealed
  • Brick

Our product range of slip prevention products is designed to increase the slip resistance of your floor…