cleaning in progress There has been an immense amount of heavy rain fall of late. This has not only made the roads unsafe but also has put people at risk when walking around. A slippery surface in conjunction with water can cause nasty accidents. Which is why water is the invisible villain and you need to know how to ensure that your floors are safe.

Having safe floors is a necessity regardless of whether they are in your home or place of business. There are a number of problems that can make it difficult to have safe floors one hundred percent of the time. Water is one of these problems. During the summer months, having rain falls are expected. This can cause a lot of issues. One of the biggest problems is the addition of water to already slippery services. This water acts like a slip and slide and many people end up with bruised bottoms, elbows and sometimes even a bump on the head from slipping and falling. This might not sound like a major problem but there are two issues that you need to take into consideration; hospital bills and lawsuits. If someone has an accident on your property you could end up facing a major lawsuit, which will suck you dry. Even if you are fortunate enough for this not to be the case, you can also expect hefty bills from the hospital were you or one of your family members to get injured.  Slip and fall accidents are some of the highest reported by hospitals every year. Either way, it is time to figure out the best way to stop water and slippery floors getting the best of you.

There are a number of solutions that have been designed to prevent slippery floors, even if water gets added to them. These are known as non-slip flooring solutions. These solutions range from rubber mats, grip kits and even coatings that can be applied to your flooring. Any and all of these solutions are worth taking a look at if you are concerned about your unsafe floors. The best one and certainly the most popular by far is the non-slip floor coating. This is because it is possible to apply this coating directly to the surface you already have. It can be applied to almost any material and dries completely clear. This allows for safe floors that are still visually appealing. One of the biggest reasons why people choose not to install safety precautions is because they are “ugly” or do not “fit in” with the style of the home. Although, this may be a valid point, the safety of your family, friends and employees should be more important than “tainting” your Tuscan tiles. Luckily, with these coatings you can have the best of both worlds.

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