The reason why you need stair nosing is for stair safety. The sole function of stair nosing is to provide grip to the edge of the stair and make it look good at the same time. Many different products are used for stair safety, some of them look great and others not so much. Aluminium always has a premium look to it and our interest are available in black or yellow, depending on the level of floor safety exposure that you need.

With its exceptional grip and anti-slip properties, Stair Nosing is revolutionizing floor safety in commercial spaces. Perfectly suited for indoors and outdoors and used in high-traffic areas, there is no other product on the market that works so good, while looking good too.

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Stair nosing, and in particular, aluminium stair nosing can perform many functions

  • Protect you from slipping
  • Prevents chipping and cracking of stairs by covering the edge
  • Makes your staircase look premium

Often the term “stair nose” is not common knowledge but although we might not have heard the term we have probably seen it out in the real world. Stair nosing put simply, is a slip-proof sheet of metal with a grip fitting, placed firmly along the length of each stair. These protective sheets provide additional grip while also clearly marking the edge of each step.

Stairs are often the most slippery areas in a building. When walking on stairs, your center of gravity changes and this puts you at risk for experiencing a slip-and-fall accident. When there is a hand railing on the stairs, you often have something to hold onto in the case of slipping on slippery stairs. If you have traction under your foot, this dramatically decreases the chance of slipping and falling on the stairs.

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