Thanks to Slip No More’s non slip flooring Acer Africa won’t have to worry about anyone slipping on their premises. #SlipNoMore

Slip No More was contacted by Acer Africa because they are the specialists in non slip flooring and anti slip products in South Africa.

It was clear that Acer Africa had been experiencing some slippery floor issues. The first problem that they encountered was that their Porcelain tiles in the reception area were very slippery when it rained. Clients would visit the building when it was raining and naturally they would run in from the rain. As soon as a wet shoe makes contact with a slippery porcelain tile, the outcome is almost always a negative one.

The areas that Acer were experiencing slipperiness on where their staircases leading up to the offices from the reception area as well as the staircases that lead down to the basement. When Slip No More assessed the area, it was suggested that they also treat the porcelain tiles in the reception area as well as the bathroom kitchen areas. These are the types of areas where many slip and fall accidents occur due to the fact that there is water present at all times. Water is the most obvious cause of slip and fall accidents and there is only one way to avoid getting injured, that only way of avoiding injury is to apply a non slip Coating treatment from a reputable company.

People all over the Johannesburg North area are affected by slippery floors in one way or another and the aim of Slip No More’s non slip flooring treatment for tiles is to protect families, friends, employees and consumers from the dangers of slippery floors. One might not pay careful attention to their floors until it’s too late and the tile outlets selling “non slip” or “anti slip tiles” don’t help in the prevention of Slip and Fall accidents. The reality is simple, you are able to purchase non slip tiles and for the most part this is true, however, the non slip part of the tile only applies in dry weather. It’s the wet weather that causes all the damage and this is where an non slip flooring treatment comes into play.

Slip No More’s non slip flooring treatments for tiles increase the slip resistance of the tile which in turn, stops you from slipping on a wet floor. non slip tile or not, with Slip No More’s revolutionary products that are designed to increase the traction of the floor, you WILL be safe at your home, work or at play.

There are a few different companies in South Africa that have a range of slip prevention products but none stand out as much as the range from Slip No More. They have a national network of distributors that are able to apply non slip flooring treatments to just about any type of floor, there is no job big or small. If you choose to apply the product yourself (if the area is small enough) they have a handy Do it yourself version of the non slip flooring treatment for tiles.

For further information regarding our non slip flooring treatments and non slip coatings available from Slip No More, Please contact 011 791 5605 or simply email Slip No More is literally a one stop-anti slip treatment shop!