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If you are looking for information on Non-Slip products in South Africa you are in the right place. Most noteworthy is that after 15 years of experience in the Non-Slip products industry in South Africa, we operate in more than 20 countries. As a result, we offer the most responsible advice for your slippery floor requirements in all sectors of the market.

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Besides avoiding serious injury, there are many other benefits to increasing floor safety in a world where dealing with lawsuits is both extremely costly as well as time-consuming. At Slip No More, we take floor safety seriously so that you don’t have to.

Due to dealing with slippery tiles, hazardous ramps, and stairs as well as unsafe workplace walkways for so many years, we have developed the best range of Non-Slip products in South Africa at the most affordable price. Hence there is no floor too slippery for us to fix.

We also offer advice and consultation on any topic relating to Non-Slip products in South Africa. We are passionate about the information we offer and only follow credible sources. Slip and Fall accidents rank in the top three of preventable injuries (behind poisoning and vehicle injuries) which in total, make up 83% of the total number of preventable injuries. For more facts on injuries, the National Safety Council has loads of information available to the public.

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Anti-Slip Treatments for all tiles. Does not change the appearance of your tiles while increasing the slip resistance in the wet.


Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations, we ethically manufacture & distribute Anti-Slip Products to the highest specifications to ensure your safety.


Non-Slip Coatings for Ramps, Stairs & Walkways. Perfect for wet & dry areas and available in 10 colors, also suited to all surfaces.


From floors, stairs and ramps to equipment and tools, the versatility of our coatings is unmatched. Coatings that stick to anything.


Hardware for stairs, a legal essential for the ultimate in the safety of stairs and suited to indoor and outdoor applications.


From single and double Aluminium Stair-Nosing to Commercial and Industrial Fiberglass Stair-Nosing, we have a wide range to suit every application.


Cleaning and Maintenance products that complement our entire product range and more. There is no floor too stubborn for our products.


Wide selection of Cleaning & Maintenance products suited to all environments. From DIY to Industrial requirements, we cater to all markets.


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Explore Recent Work

At Slip No More Non-Slip flooring products we use our experience in the floor safety industry to your advantage. We have solved the problem of slippery floors for thousands of customers. Showcasing our recent work is one of the ways that we aim to help you make the right decision on all Non-Slip products in South Africa.

As a result, when choosing Non-Slip Flooring Products there are quite a few factors to take into account, Above all, not affecting the appearance of your slippery floor is always the number 1 goal. For instance, what is the point of having a beautiful floor when it is covered by a poor quality Non-Slip Flooring Product? Most Noteworthy is that the product that you apply to your slippery floor needs to work, always.

Whether you have a slippery access ramp or loading bay, slippery stairs or walkway, we probably have the Non-Slip Product for you. From invisible Anti-Slip tile treatments for the home to hard-wearing Non-Slip Coatings for factory floors, we have them all. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with solving your slippery floor problems.

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Our Product Range

With having the mindset of supplying floor safety products in the most ethical manner, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality products at the most affordable price. If you are a large manufacturing facility with Slippery Walkways and Stairs or residential home with Slippery

Tiles around the pool, we have a Non-Slip solution for you. We have never, and will never give up on increasing your safety at home, work, and play. Talk to us about Non-Slip products in South Africa.

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Professional Services and Quality Anti-Slip Products

Not only do we manufacture and distribute the highest quality Non-Slip Products, but we also provide sound advice on all aspects of floor safety. We would love to increase the safety of your new, old or refurbished floor.

Latest News

In a fast growing world and even faster growing industry, we aim to share as much knowledge about floor safety that we can. Our team is constantly updated with the latest trends in the Non-Slip Flooring products industry in South Africa.

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