We applied our non slip treatment to the Porcelain tiles around the patio, pool area, an entertainment deck as well as the garage floor. #SlipNoMore

After having many issues with grandchildren and guests slipping and falling on slippery porcelain tiles our client decided to perform a search via Google for products that prevent slippery floors. When they contacted us we sent a team out to assess the area immediately and provide them with a quotation. After approving our quotation, we sent our Anti Slip treatment installation team to get started.

We applied our Anti Slip treatment for Porcelain tiles to the areas that were discussed. These areas included a patio, pool area, an entertainment deck as well as the garage floor.

The Slip No More Johannesburg East team were happy with the results and left the client with safe floors so that they would not experience any more Slip and Fall accidents at their home.

Non Slip Johannesburg
Non Slip Johannesburg

if you have any slippery floors please contact us for a free quotation. no matter how big or small the area is we are able to assist, from Porcelain to Ceramic tiles to concrete stairs and ramps. We will increase the floor safety of your premises for a fraction of the price of re tiling your floor.

For more information on any of our anti slip treatments and non slip coatings, please feel free to contact us and we will send someone out to assess your premises as well as provide you with a quotation.