Specialised Coatings for challenging environments

Challenging environments call for specialised coatings which come in all forms. Often, customers reach out to us and ask for Non-Slip Products when designing their dream house, sports rig, or unique workspace. We love a challenge and when it comes to specialised projects, we are always the first to accept the challenge.

When it comes to slippery glass ramps over pools or slippery Porcelain tiles in shopping malls, Slippery Stairs in the aviation industry or landing ramps for extreme sports exhibitions, there is no one in the industry who had their products been put to the test like ours. Our non-slip coatings can be applied to just about any surface

Aside from our standard product range, designed to increase the floor safety of ramps, walkways, and stairs, we have the capability of making changes to our existing products at the drop of a hat.

The fact that we manufacture all of our products, means that when it comes to making a one-of-a-kind non-slip coating, we can facilitate your request with the greatest of pleasure. We have made the slipperiest of floors safe for workers, spectators, and competitors for more than 15 years.

When it comes to tiled floors, there is no better option than our Anti-Slip Treatments for tiles. These treatments are scientifically designed to dramatically decrease the risk of slipping on wet tiles. The two main types of tiles that cause the most slips, trips, and falls are Ceramic tiles and Porcelain tiles. We have developed a ready-to-use, easy to apply treatment to reduce slip and fall accidents on these tiles. Our two products, Anti-Slip Treatment for Ceramic and Anti-Slip Treatment for Porcelain are by far the easiest to apply and the most cost-effective way to increase floor safety in wet areas.

In the floor safety industry, there isn’t always a “one size fits all” solution and for that reason, we cater to distributors (who apply our products for consumers) and consumers (who apply our products for themselves). Our Do-It-Yourself range was born out of the need for the consumer to increase their floor safety in small areas. Some of the slippery floor problem areas within a household are often some of the most dangerous.

Below are some examples of common slippery floor problems within the domestic and commercial markets:


  • Tiled entrances – When running indoors during the rainy season, it is very easy to slip
  • Tiled stairs – Children tend to run up and down staircases, and when they are wet they are even more dangerous
  • Bathrooms & Showers – Tiled floors in a bathroom are almost always prone to water from the bath, shower, and basin
  • Kitchen wash-up area – The sink, water machine, and even the dishwasher have spilled water around them


  • Entrances to offices – It is difficult to control spills in public spaces, not to mention the rain or sprinkler system that causes water to make the floor slippery.
  • Ramps & Loading bays – Any inclined or declined surface is four times as dangerous when it is wet. Pushing a wheelchair or trolley up or down a ramp can cause a slip and fall accident very quickly.
  • Walkways near water features – Many offices have a water feature or fish pond nearby. When these are outdoors, the area around them is not often managed and water can get onto a floor very easily making it slippery.

We have loads of informative articles about slippery floors in our articles section. If you have ever wondered How to make floors less slippery or needed a guide on how to make showers less slippery, then this is the place for you. If you need to contact us directly, we have a team of trained professionals waiting to give you advice.

“Never let a slippery floor get in the way of your imagination. If you can build it, we can make it safe to walk on”-Dean Strydom