Norscot home gets their poolside patio slip-proofed using Slip No More’s industry leading non slip products. There won’t be any slips near this pool.

Slip No More visited a residence in Norscot to see how we could prevent any slip-and-fall accidents from happening on the poolside patio area. Having years of experience with non slip coatings and slip prevention solutions we were able to provide the best possible solution – at an affordable price. You can be sure that their poolside patio area is officially Slip-No-More-Covered! #SlipNoMore

Homeowners of the residence got in touch with Slip No More and explained that they had been experiencing problems on the concrete paving around the patio. These problems were understandably worse when the paving was wet either due to weather, cleaning or dragging in water from the nearby pool. Another contributing factor was that the paving was sealed, leaving a smooth finish and making the surface a slip risk.

Here Were Our Non Slip Recommendations:

  • We applied our industry leading Slip No More Anti-slip Coatings to the paving. The coating acts as a sealer that embeds the treated area with traction beads that improve the grip and increase floor safety. Not only are these non slip coatings long-lasting, affordable and durable, but they are also non-toxic and child friendly.
Non Slip Johannesburg
Non Slip Johannesburg

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