Anti-slip floor coatings are affordable. If you purchase them with an installation, then you should pay about R45 excl. VAT per meter squared. This is ridiculously cheap compared to the amount of money that you will end up forking out if one of your employees had an accident on your floor and injured themselves badly. The coating prices are very competitive and you can secure an entire floor for just under four hundred rand, which is a great saving considering that there is no product that is nearly as effective out there on the market.

Even if your company is going through a tough patch, there is nothing worse than an employee of yours gets injured on your company property. This will set your company back sometimes millions, so a few hundred bucks for coating a floor is really nothing. A Danish study was conducted in the early 2000’s, to see just how much the injuries in the workplaces of the country, was costing the health system. The figures were calculated on a couple of elements. The first was obviously how much money the companies lost in paying out workers compensation. The second, was how much money the companies lost due to having key members of their workforces taken out. This was almost double the amount that they had to pay pout on compensation, because the hiring process is always a costly one. In the end, the figure that emerged was a US $682000. And that was just for a year.

Now if you translate that to South Africa rands that is a nice sum of six point eight million rand a year overall. Just think how much more effectively that money could be used. Now in relation to how much it might cost to make sure that your business premises is safe and not a slipping hazard, it hardly seems like a large amount to pay.

Are floor coatings easy to  install? 

Yes. The great thing is that the installation of these non-slip coatings are very easy to install and you can have your whole office up and running in no time after it is done. You need to first make sure that you clean your floor with a special cleanser and degreaser. After that you need to make sure that the floor is dry. You can the spray the liquid all over the floor and then wait for it to dry for about five minutes. After that, you should give it a generous wipe down with water in order to neutralise it properly so that it is not tacky or sticky to the touch.

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