Slip Free Tiles, The how-to guide

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Slip Free Tiles, the how-to guide Written by Dean Strydom; Updated April 20, 2020 Photo by T.H. Chia on Unsplash Articles related to How to make slip free tiles Less Slippery Showers-The how-to guide Floor Tile Coatings-The guide to making floors less slippery  What you need to know about Anti-Slip Tape Slip, Trip & Fall accidents cause millions

What you need to know about Anti-Slip Tape

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Floor Safety's quickest fix-Anti Slip Tape for stairs Anti-Slip Tape is a reliable and cost-effective way to solve the problem of slippery steps and ramps. We know how dangerous it is to have a slippery stair problem that won't go away. Because it is self-adhesive, it makes the application process as simple as wrapping a

How To Improve The Safety Of Your Floors

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At times it simply amazes me at how companies can neglect their floors and most of all the safety of the floor. In an ideal world, a caution sign warning against a slippery floor would light up like a beacon. But the reality is, most people ignore such signs. Very often, the signs have been

Floor Safety Tips: Keep Walking Surfaces Clean

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Floor Safety Tips: Keep Walking Surfaces Clean In this post we will share three simple tips to help you keep your walking surfaces are safe. Did you know that Over 50% of slip, trip and fall incidents are caused by problems with the walking surface, according to the National Floor Safety Institute. So you can

The Benefit of Non Slip Or Anti Slip Floor Surfaces

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NO MORE SLIPPERY FLOORS, BENEFITS OF ANTI SLIP FLOORING By Simply treating your floor surface with anti-slip treatment has many benefits such as: It will save money for you by reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents and litigation at your work place and public places. At the home prevents a serious slip injury

Why You Need Anti Slip Floor Treatments

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If you want your staff to be comfortable and safe it is essential that you clean and then treat your floors with an anti-slip treatment to prevent any dangerous accidents happening at work. It is an essential part of creating a comfortable environment for your staff to operate in daily without having to worry about

The Importance Of Anti Slip Floor Treatments

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Anti-Slip floor treatment is vital in maintaining a safe and practical surface. Almost half of all major injuries reported each year are caused as a result of a slip or trip, when it comes to workplace injuries. These cost employers huge amounts in lost production and other costs, which all could be prevented by simply