Floor Safety’s quickest fix-Anti Slip Tape for stairs

Anti-Slip Tape is a reliable and cost-effective way to solve the problem of slippery steps and ramps. We know how dangerous it is to have a slippery stair problem that won’t go away. Because it is self-adhesive, it makes the application process as simple as wrapping a gift, and the beauty behind it is that you only need the desire to make your stairs less slippery to get the job done.

Slippery Stairs are not the only areas that Anti-Slip Tape can be applied in residential homes. There are slippery wooden decks, slippery entrance areas, and even slippery showers & bathtubs that need Anti-Slip Tape. 

In the commercial environment, many office parks have slippery stairs, slippery ramps for handicapped access, and even slippery fire escape stairs. Let’s not forget about loading bays that become slippery in cold or wet weather, we all know that pushing something up a slippery ramp is impossible as it is dangerous. 

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Where is Anti-Slip Tape used

Anti-Slip Tape is suited to any industry that experiences a problem of slippery stairs or ramps. We could list thousands of applications, but it would be better to share some examples of where Anti-Slip Tape has helped our commercial customers increase the safety of their stairs.

According to the Osh Act in South Africa, it is the duty of property owners to ensure that the slip resistance of their floors is safe enough for tenants or visitors to walk safely. Anti-Slip Tape should be used in any areas exposed to water that could pose a safety risk

Anti-Slip Tape at office entrance

Anti-Slip Tape at office entrance

How is Anti-Slip Tape applied

This product was developed out of the need for easy application. We suggest using these techniques:


  • Measure the width of the slippery stairs or ramp that you want to put the tape onto. Always add 10-15% in case of making any mistakes. 
  • Make sure the area is clean and is dust, grease, and oil-free. Most importantly, the floor must be dry (we mean bone dry)
  • Always apply Anti-Slip Tape as close to the edge of the stair for the best results. Too close to the end of the stair could cause it to peel, and too far from the edge could cause it to be ineffective.


  • Start by peeling off around 150-200mm of the backing and then stick the exposed part onto the furthest edge. Pat the tape down lightly to hold it in place but light enough to peel off in case you need to start again.
  • Peel sections of 200-300mm off at a time and repeat patting it down lightly. 
  • Once you have placed of the Anti-Slip Tape, cut the end off and then stand back and look at the strip from a different angle. If the tape is straight, you have done well and are ready for the last steps.
  • Take a paint roller and gently roll it over the entire length of tape to make sure there are no creases. If there are no creases, push down hard on the roller to make the glue stick well.
  • Use a heat gun on low heat to help the glue activate and stick well to the floor.
  • Lastly, use a metal ruler and a sharp utility knife to cut the tape at the grout lines. Be sure to cut approximately 5mm from the edge of the grout line on all pieces near grout lines. One of the biggest problems with Anti-Slip Tape is when water gets under it and causes it to delaminate.

For video tutorials on how to apply Anti-Slip Tape along with our other Anti-Slip Products, check out our YouTube training channel 

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What does Anti-Slip Tape Cost

Prices of Anti-Slip Tape vary in South Africa. The retail cost of the most popular size (50mm x 20m) should set you back under R600 for plain black. Colored versions of Anti-Slip Tape cost 25-50% more depending on the color. 

Our distributors charge between R49 and R70 per metre to apply Anti-Slip Tape. The price of installation is calculated by the complexity of the job. Some sites are easy to access where there is little to no interruptions, this makes it quicker and easier to work and would typically cost less.

What shapes and sizes are available

The most popular size of Ant-Slip tape is 50mm, but it is also available in sizes of 25mm, 100mm, and 200mm for different applications. 

Rolls come in lengths of 10m and 20m, and cheap imports are available in rolls of 18m. Some companies also supply pre-cut Anti-Slip Strips in all different shapes and sizes. Some strips even have the word “Caution” or “Mind the step” printed on them. 

Is rougher Anti-Slip Tape better 

Contrary to belief, rougher is not always better. The grit size of the Anti-Slip Tape is important to decide on. Let’s face it; you wouldn’t want your toddler injured by crawling up or down a few stairs.

At Slip No More, we always believe in suggesting the right product for the right purpose for our customers. The rule of thumb is that for the domestic market and hospitality industry, the finer the grit, the better. Although you won’t get as much grip as you think you need, you will avoid injuring your family and customers.

For high traffic areas like shopping malls, office parks, and factories or warehouses, a rougher grit the better.

For detailed information on which Anti-Slip Tape we supply, please view our products page 

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How many colors are available 

There are thousands of different options available, and in most cases, the more options available make it more challenging to choose one. Slip No More Non-Slip Products has taken the guesswork out of it for you, or at least as much as possible. Numerous studies show that subconsciously, the brain will make us step on a black strip before any other color. Black is also the easiest to keep clean and looks the most uniform on the slippery stairs. 

Customers often insist on using transparent Anti-Slip Tape but then ask us to change it to black after a few weeks. Although it makes sense that clear is less visible, the downside is that it picks up more dirt and then shows that dirt in the most used walking area. The result is a dirty patch up the middle of the stairs, which does not look nice.

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tape Colours

Where are Anti-Slip Tapes available

If you reside in any of the major cities like Johannesburg, Cape Town or Durban, we have distributors who can assist you with most of our products. 

For outlying areas, we are more than happy to help you via courier for D.I.Y products. All the Anti-Slip Products that we supply come in an application or D.I.Y option.

Our national network of distributors can apply our products for you or supply you with a D.I.Y option. 

Fill out your details (Insert Link) along with a description of what type of slippery floor problem you are experiencing on our website. We will connect you with one of our reliable distributors.


What our customers have to say

“We purchase Anti-Slip Tape regularly from Slip No More. Their product works extremely well and their service is amazing”

John-Gauteng Distributor


“Our business is built from having strong, consistent suppliers. The Slip No More guys know their stuff and have a great product range

Matthew-Pretoria Distributor


“The Non-Slip Tape I bought from Slip No More worked well and has been on my stairs for a few years now, what a quality product”

Philani-Cape Town Consumer


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