Don’t be fooled, the very word “slip” carries such cute and cuddly connotations. One almost expects it to be followed by the word “oops”. The truth is anti slip flooring has its place in modern society and its application could mean more to you and your business or home than you think. Slipping is certainly not cute, its not something reserved for cartoons and banana peels, in the real world slipping can be ugly. Slipping can result in serious injury and in some cases even death. While the latter may seem extreme its important to note than when slipping one is open to injury from multiple objects surrounding them as well as being open to succumbing to the weight of their own body. When falling we have very little control over our actions making the possibility of landing in an awkward position likely.

The inability to adequately break our fall with a controlled reflex reaction puts us at great risk but what can be done to prevent this from happening? Well in most cases slips and falls are caused by a lack of friction which our anti slip flooringcan rememdy. Our anti slip flooring are state of the art solutions to problems our customers no longer need to worry about and the beauty of our anti slip flooringand anti slip coating solutions is the manner in which they can applied just about anywhere.

Anti slip floors on all surfaces, with our anti slip flooring products!

Metal, wood, tiles, showers, bathtubs, jacuzzi’s all of these surfaces have the potential to cause a great deal of harm if left as they are. Those that have ever taken a bath and are honest with themselves will know it’s rare for one to jump out of the bath in absence of extreme caution and focus intended to prevent slipping. Our anti slip floors are intended to provide our customers with an increased sense of peace when performing tasks in and around the household or workplace. Below we will illustrate a scenario in which our anti slip floors could have prevented a tragic incident!

Donald W. Callender, 81, a part-time Indian Wells resident who founded the national restaurant chain Marie Callender’s, died Wednesday. Callender had a “slip-and-fall” at his Corona del Mar home just after Thanksgiving 2007. The fall triggered a series of medical problems that included stroke-like symptoms and a couple of bouts with pneumonia” -

Bending over backwards for you

Our products can be applied in doors as well as outdoors and we have a range of products capable adjusting, twisting, turning and bending any way you please to ensure your safety and well-being. We have a team of professionals ready and capable of unbelievable workmanship. Our products are built to last meaning you need not worry about having to maintain them with copious amounts of your time and effort. For more information please contact us today!