Are you asking yourself if non slip coating prices are worth the investment? That answer should without a doubt be a resounding yes yes yes! The reason for this of course is that slips and falls claim a shockingly high amount of victims each year, and the injuries that result from them can be very serious and life altering. To top that off, most regulations these days demand that if you are a business owner you need to take precautions against these injuries. No insurance will over you if you cannot prove that you had adequate precautions in place. If your business does not conform to regulation, you can also stand to be sued by our injured employees. If you think about how much money this could cost you, and then compare that to the price of anti-slip coatings, you can see how getting the coatings is a good idea.

So how much are you looking at? If you get a top notch anti slip product then you are looking at anywhere between ZAR 45 and 50 for a meter squared. You will not find a better deal on the market, and when you think that a slip and fall lawsuit could easily end up costing you three times that amount, you will rethink moaning about the prices. You cannot really put a price on safety after all.

Beyond the workplace

The workplace however is not the only place that you should think about investing in non-slip coatings. You should also think about putting them in your home. The reason for this is that there are so many slipping hazards in the home that it is often very hard to stop yourself or your children from falling. If you have loose rugs for instance or if you like to be in the kitchen a lot where spills are likely to happen, you will want to make sure that you have your non slip floors in place.

When it comes to your children’s lives, think about how much they are worth. They are priceless are they not? Nothing in comparison to the price of a non-slip coating. When children slip and fall on floors they tend to get hurt a lot worse than adults do, simply because of their different centres of gravity. As a concerned parent, you should be looking to protect your children always. The best thing to do is just to invest.

The coating itself lasts for about three years in a commercial environment and five years in a domestic one. Seems a very small price to pay, for three to five worry free years, doesn’t it?

If you are truly interested in safety, then do not hesitate to give Slip No More a call today. They are the industry leaders when it comes to non-slip products and will give you the best value per square meter on the market.