Lancet gets an effective non slip product like Slip No More’s grip kit to increase their parking lot floor safety.

You can always trust Slip No More to provide only the best non slip products and anti slip solutions.

Lancet Laboratories got hold of Slip No More to see if we could help improve the floor safety conditions of their parking lot. Which we could, using the grip kit – one of our trusted non slip products. You can be sure that Lancet is officially Slip-No-More-Covered! #SlipNoMore

Lancet explained that they had a recent accident where a staff member had unfortunately slipped in their parking lot – resulting in a serious injury. This prompted them to take action towards increasing the safety of their car park as well as in their main buildings.

Slip No More came up with the great idea of creating ‘safety walkways’ – specially demarcated areas where pedestrians won’t slip.

Non Slip Product Johannesburg
Non Slip Product Johannesburg

Here Were Our Non Slip Product Recommendations:

  • Lancet having experienced slip and fall accident previous in their parking lot needed assurance that only the best non slip solution would be used. We assessed the area, considered the smoothness of the surface area and decided to go with our Slip No More Nonslip Grip Kit.–We cleverly applied the grip kit at intervals along the yellow safety lines.

This provided added visibility and created a non slip walkway where people could pass without worrying about slipping or falling.

Non Slip Product Johannesburg
Non Slip Product Johannesburg

Grip kits are durable, provide added grip on wet or dry surfaces and are affordable considering the benefits associated with having a non slip product. Grip kits can last years after application and are particularly effective on ramps, slopes, inclines, stairs and even special projects – like the Goodyear forklifts project.

Non Slip Product Johannesburg
Non Slip Product Johannesburg

As you can see Slip No More is skilled in all things anti slip, not just stairs and floors. We have helped slip-proof some of the most interesting things imaginable. That’s why we have started our own page dedicated to these special projects.

If there is anything you need to know regarding non slip floor products and floor safety then we have a whole list of articles dedicated to the subject.

Non slipand anti slip floor coatings are affordable and world leading flooring solutions for slip prevention and general floor safety – Slip No More strives to deliver only the best non slip and slip prevention products, applications and solutions – either at home, in the workplace, or for industrial and commercial use.

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