A common mistake that facilities make is purchasing one kind of floor cleaner and expecting it to work well on multiple types of floor surfaces. Even though cleaners may be marketed as “multi-surface,” it is better to choose products specifically designed for the type of flooring where they will be used. Using the wrong cleaner can cause multiple problems.

It also may leave slippery residues to build up on a floor that once had good traction. It can also strip away the elements that give the floor its traction, making them smooth and slippery.

When applying non-slip products to slippery tiled floors or slippery ramps, cleaning is a crucial part of the process because it determines the outcome. For example, when applying a clear non-slip coating to tiles around a swimming pool, it is important to know which products to use. If you use a sub-standard cleaning product, it will leave certain dirt in the pores of the tiles and this could affect the way a coating will stick to the slippery tiles.

It is very important to implement a floor cleaning and maintenance procedure after installing a non-slip coating onto slippery patio tiles, for example. With a non-slip floor, mops don’t generally work the same because the slip resistance of a floor causes the mop to drag more. One would have to change the cleaning procedure, and most times the maintenance procedure too.

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