Did you know that Over 50% of slip, trip and fall incidents are caused by problems with the walking surface, so you can see why it is essential to keep your floor surface clean and not slippery.

Often we have found that in many cases the way in which you are cleaning your floor can lead to unsafe conditions and this can be from using the wrong products or machinery to clean you floors

Here are 3 common mistakes when cleaning your floor:

  • Wrong cleaning product used
  • Outdated cleaning methods
  • How often you clean your floors

No single cleaning method or product will work on every surface. In fact, trying to consolidate the number of cleaning products or using the same cleaning method and frequency throughout the facility could be part of the problem if floors are slippery.

Discover what anti-slip treatment is required for your floor to help create a fat and slip free environment at your work place.

Anti-Slip Treatment Ceramic
Anti-Slip Treatment Porcelain
Anti-Slip Treatment DIY Kit