Why are non-slip coating the leading flooring solutions? It probably has something to do with the fact that they are a bit like superheroes. Superheroes save people and make sure that catastrophe so avoided and so do non slip coatings. How? Well think about it. You’re at your wedding venue, setting up for your big day, and the cake is being walked to where it is put down. Suddenly, the baker slips and the cake goes flying and you have no cake anymore. Now if the venue had non slip coatings, the baker would never have slipped and you would still have a cake. This is how the non-slip coating are like superheroes. Your day gets saved when they are on the floor.

In a more serious situation, your employees could end up getting saved by non-slip floor coatings. In some countries, it is your duty to make sure that your business is a safe place, and you do that by making sure that no one can fall on your floors. In this way, none of your employees get hurt and none of them have to take lots of time off work to heal. If you lose your best employees due to slips and falls, you will also lose a lot of money on workers compensation. So non slip coatings are industry leaders considering the fact that they keep your floor safe for all, and thus protect your assets.

Things you should know about non slip coatings

Before you put a non-slip coating on your floor, it is important to familiarise yourself with the concept of what it is. A non-slip coating does not come in the form of a silicone sheet that you have to put over your floors. It is simply a substance that you spread on. Since it is non corrosive and abrasive, it is perfect for any type of floor that you need to put it on. You will not have to worry about the floor looking dull even, the non-slip coating mixture ensures that the tiles underneath will look radiant and perfect.

The non-slip coatings are made of urethane compounds that make static friction impossible. This is the thing that makes us slip under normal circumstances. Static friction can be a nightmare to handle, but with non-slip coatings, you are protected from it and safe, even if there are slippery things on the floor such as water or oil.

So you have no reason to fear the slippery floors anymore, because if you protect your premises accordingly, you will be able to have a safe environment for a long time to come.

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