Having radiant flooring in the home is a desire for most home owners. The only problem is that nice flooring can often come with a high accident rate. You can still have radiant flooring in the home but you need to learn how to prevent accidents.

There are so many different flooring options out there that you are truly spoiled for choice. When living in a hot country it is best to find a flooring that will help to keep your home as cool as possible. Most people will choose to have wooden or tiled floors in their homes over carpets. The only issue, is that this type of flooring can often be slippery, before you add in the extra elements of water or even spilt oil. Wooden flooring is also normally varnished making the chance of having an accident that much higher. How can you combat this problem without sacrificing your radiant flooring? The answer lies in anti slip technology.

There are a variety of different anti slip solutions to choose from, that have been proven to provide you with a slip free surface. The best places to use these solutions are in the Kitchen, hallway and any other area of your home that may be tiled or have wooden flooring. The misconception behind these solutions is that they will leave the flooring looking dull. This is not the case at all. Technology has been modified to keep the floor in its original condition, the only difference being that it will be slip free. The solution itself uses chemicals to make the floor slip free for up to five years if it is maintained properly. Depending on the solution you choose, you can either get the professionals in to “install” it for you or simply do it yourself. Either way the treatment will dry completely clear over your current flooring. With this technology it is possible to enjoy radiant flooring without sacrificing on your material choice.

What other anti slip solutions are there?

Regardless of whether you are running a business or a household you need to have every possible anti slip solution available to you. The anti slip treatment for your flooring is only the beginning. Other areas in your home, like your stairs, can benefit from having anti slip tape. This tape can be placed on the edges of the stairs, creating an area where the shoe will meet the staircase. This is important on tiled stairs especially. Falling down stairs can happen easily when you are not paying attention or are in a rush, add to that the lack of anti slip tape equals a recipe for disaster.

Another solution is an anti slip grip kit. This is perfect for wheel chair access ramps and floors in the gym. This grip kit provides you with rubber like tape that can be put onto majority of all surfaces. All of these can be found with us at Slip No More. We specialise in providing you with solutions that will prevent accidents from slipping or falling.