When working out how you are not going to slip on tiles, there are many factors to consider. Why not hear exactly what our customers ask for, it might help you to not slip on your own floor.

Our customer inquired about our Anti-Slip Treatment for Porcelain Tiles for their father’s house. Their requirement was that they installed a product that helped them not to slip. The customer also wanted to know if our product would be affected by the salty and moist air at a coastal town. They wanted to take all precautions to not slip. The customer asked “Can the product help you not slip due to wet, damp tiles?

How can we help you not slip on tiles?

We contacted the client to get more information about their slippery tiles, and we recommended the Anti-Skid Treatment for Porcelain tiles; we assured the customer that this product will not be impacted by the salty and moist air and would most definitely prevent them from slipping on the wet and moist tiles. The client purchased our product and now has peace of mind knowing that their walkway is safe to walk on.

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How did we help solve the slippery floor issue?

We suggested the Anti-Slip Treatment DIY kit. The client purchased the treatment, and the product was delivered in a timely manner. We also suggested that the client use our Non-Slip Grip Strip on their stairs or ramps for even more protection against the elements they are facing. This product works well with salt water and moisture in the air. We also shared our Youtube channel link for installation instructions

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