If your question is how to fix slippery stairs, you’re at the right place. No one likes to witness a slip, trip, or fall on stairs, let alone experience one. The main reason for this is often from losing balance or uneven surfaces. Although sometimes, these types of slip and fall accidents are not too serious. It is essential to know that stairs are one of the leading causes of slip, trip, and fall accidents, no matter what shape or size your steps are. And even more so, when they are slippery. Because of this, it’s essential to have your stairs at home or in the workplace treated or coated so that they have an increased level of grip or traction.

Thankfully, there are treatments for tiled stairsNon-Slip CoatingsNon-Slip Tape applications, and even hardware like Aluminium Stair Nosing or Fibreglass Stair Nosing are specifically designed to fix slippery stairs. Simply choose the best option for your Slippery Stair issue.

Slippery Stair Solutions

While performing an important purpose, stairs at home or in the workplace have a downside that can cause serious accidents, often life-changing. There are loads of solutions that increase the grip of your stairs. These slippery stair solutions are often nicer looking and more cost-effective than you think.

Carpets on staircases

You might want the look and feel of walking on the red carpet every time you use the stairs. Still, the reality is that carpets that aren’t fitted correctly often move or crease underfoot, which increases the risk of slipping. Stair runners are also popular, but unfortunately, don’t ensure total safety.

Rubber mats on stairs

For obvious reasons, rubber is an effective solution to slippery stairs. Still, rubber is not the ideal solution to fix slippery stairs. Rubber mats are often not level with the stair and, in most cases, cause people to trip and have a nasty accident.

Handrails on stairs

By law, handrails are mandatory on staircases in most countries, but this solution is often not effective on its own. Staircases with high traffic don’t always have handrails on both sides, and when people trip on stairs, in most cases, their head hits the handrail causing even more injury.

How to Fix Slippery Stairs by Changing the Floor of Your Stairs

An expensive and radical option would be to change the actual floor surface. Still, this solution is both expensive and disrupting. Unfortunately, there isn’t always the best advice available when choosing your new floor. Unless you install an additional Non-Slip stair product, you might find yourself back at square one.

Investing in Non-Slip Stair Products to avoid slip and fall accidents

Slip No More manufactures a range of Non-Slip Flooring Products developed out of the need to fix the slipperiness of stairs. These products include Aluminium & Fibreglass Stair Treads, Anti-Slip Tape, Non-Slip Coatings, and Treatments For Tiles.