What Is The Purpose of Stair Nosing?

It’s a question that is often asked and the answer is simple…What is the purpose of stair nosing? Stair nosing is used to help improve the safety of the stairs as well as maintain the stairs from wear and tear. Stair Nosing is also easy to apply by means of simply sticking or fastening to the floor and can be walked on almost immediately. Also known as Anti-Slip adhesive stair treads or adhesive stair covers are very versatile.

How does Stair Nosing protect stairs?  Very often, in homes, businesses, and commercial environments, stairs are damaged from dropping items onto them. When heavy items are moved over a staircase, the items are often dragged which causes chips, cracks, and scratches. Stair nosing is durable enough to withstand high traffic and the daily abuse of people sliding things over them.

The application is relatively simple in that you can simply glue the stair nosing down with an awesome product from the Sikaflex range (we recommend Sikaflex 11FC) or you can use fasteners to permanently mount them onto your stairs. One point to remember though when it comes to using fasteners, we recommend that you use silicone as well. If you don’t use silicone, the Stair Nosing could rattle when it is walked on.

There are many different options available when it comes to stair nosing depending on the circumstances of each application. Typically, Aluminium Stair Nosing is used inside office parks, and most often on wooden stairs but in recent years, it is being used on outdoor entrances to office parks.

We have simplified the decision-making process for you by making a few standard sizes available for online purchase. These sizes are 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 2000mm and they come in packs of 5. Our bundles are carefully packaged to avoid any denting or scratching while in transit.

A hot favorite for the industrial market has become Fiberglass Stair Nosing. Also known as FRP (Fiberglass Resin Products) it has become a cost-effective alternative to Aluminium. The main reason for this is that Fiberglass is hard-wearing and is cheaper to manufacture

To learn more about the various options go here: https://www.gowlingstairs.com.au/blog/what-is-the-purpose-of-stair-nosing

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