If you love your pets, and we think you do, the last thing you want is them being injured on slippery tiles.
Pets add happiness & joy to our lives, and when you give your pet some love, it shouldn’t be because they are injured. Each year, millions are spent on toys, bedding, and treats for pets but an area that is always forgotten about is the floor they walk on..

Your pets love playing fetch and probably love having baths and playing in the rain too and if you have ever witnessed your pet in full send mode, you will know that worrying about Slippery Tiles is probably the last thing on their mind.

Slippery Tiles are no joke and if you think it is difficult for humans to walk on slippery tiles, imagine having double the amount of legs to walk on. Floor tiles are extremely versatile in where they are used, but in most cases, not much thought goes into the safety of the floor after it is installed.

Statistics on Slippery Tiles

According to the NFSI, the safe static co-efficient of friction for a wet tiled floor is anything higher than 0.6, and with an Anti-Slip Treatment applied, you could reach up to 0.8, which is deemed very safe. Unfortunately, most tiles are measured at below 0.4, which is classified as deadly.

In an article posted by Online Pet Health, they recommend (among other tips) that Anti-Slip Tape is used on stairs or uneven surfaces, and we strongly agree. Anti-Slip Tape is very cost-effective and extremely easy to apply. There are also many other Anti-Slip Products on the market and available for most DIY enthusiasts.

There are many lawyers that will help you get compensation if you are injured on slippery tiles, but who will help your pet if you don’t? The only way to avoid an injury on slippery tiles is if you are pro-active and increase the safety of your floors.

The Solution to the Problem

At Slip No More, we manufacture all types of Anti-Slip Treatments and Non-Slip Coatings for all types of Slippery floors, and there hasn’t been a floor to date that we haven’t been able to make safe. Whether you have Slippery Tiles, Walkways & Ramps, or patio areas, factory floors, or Slippery Stairs at home or at work, we have the product to solve your problem.

Kitten on slippery floor