Slip Free Tiles, the how-to guide; Updated April 20, 2020

Photo by Asiia Zaitseva on Unsplash

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Slip, Trip & Fall accidents cause millions of injuries per year, and the bulk of them happen at home. Floor tiles look amazing and last long, but are slippery tiles are also a hazard. Instead of covering your floor with rugs, use an Anti-Slip Treatment to give your floor tiles a slip-resistant texture. This makes them Slip Free Tiles

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  1. Spray on the cleaner & maintainer and mops the floor well. For filthy floors, use a broom to loosen the dirt. Mop up the soapy residue and then rinse the slippery floor with water and allow it to dry.
  2. Gloves are provided, so put them on because you don’t want the Anti-Slip Treatment on your skin, it may cause irritation.
  3. Shake the bottle of Anti-Slip Treatment well.
  4. Pour the Anti-Slip Treatment into a pressure sprayer
  5. Coat the floor well, starting on one side of the room. Make sure you cover the entire floor evenly to get Non-Slip Tiles
  6. Let the Anti-Slip Treatment sit on the floor for the pre-determined time, and don’t let it dry. Over treating could cause damage to your tile. 
  7. The treatment makes tiny holes in the body of the tile to make liquid disperse easier within the tile. You cant see the difference, but you can feel it by testing the slip resistance with a rubber-soled shoe. you will have Slip Free Tiles
  8. In a separate pressure sprayer, shake the Neutralizer and pour it in. Spray the Neutralizer over the entire floor in the same direction that you did with the Anti-Slip Treatment.
  9. Rinse the floor with water and then dry it. You now have slip-free tiles and the floor is ready to use.

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Things You Will Need to make Slip Free Tiles


  1. When achieving slip free tiles, Anti-Slip Solutions generally don’t change the appearance of tiles, but some slippery tiles have been known to lighten the grout by cleaning it. Always test the Anti-slip solutions on a loose tile or an out of view tile first.
  2. After treating your slippery tile with an Anti-slip solution, your tile will be the same as before except for being Anti-Slip when it is wet.


  1. If your skin comes into contact with an Anti-Slip Solution, rinse them immediately under running water. It is unlikely that your skin will be damaged if it is rinsed off. Immediately.

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